The Future Of Touch Screens In A Post-Covid World

The Future Of Touch Screens In A Post-Covid World

Thanks to the Covid crisis you can visit any public space and it’s a safe bet you’ll see people in face masks. You certainly won’t see a soul shaking hands or offering air kisses so it’s understandable that people may think it’s a tad risky investing in touch...

Touchless Interactives For a Post-Covid World

Touchless Interactives For a Post-Covid World

Touch screen technology is widely accepted - Even in today’s climate. However, it’s worthwhile knowing your options when it comes to interactives and making an informed decision as to which you go with for your business.  Touch screens are becoming increasingly...


Hologic Australia

Elina Vihinen, Marketing & Events Manager

“The touch solution flowed nicely, we were a cut above the others, it gave us an edge and enabled us to look professional.”


Viafet Genomic Centre

Mohamed Hallani, Business Manager

“We loved having a touch screen on our stand. It gave visitors something to look at if the team were busy and we found it helpful to go into greater detail on our product.”



Jocelyn DaSilva, Group Marketing Manager

“This was a risk for us, it was about taking a step into the future. This was a way we could bring all aspects of our membership to life. This type of interactive solution helped us leverage all the assets we had available.”

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