Interacting with QR codes is now a daily occurrence for most of us following the implementation of Covid tracking initiatives. Back in the day many predicted these little guys would be “the next big thing”, but lack of understanding as well as needing a special app to read the codes meant the process was a little clunky and they just didn’t take off.

Simplifying accessibility by introducing mobile camera apps with built-in QR Code readers has been a game changer for this humble piece of technology. The whole process has been simplified and the masses are now educated in how to use them.

So… now that we have less resistance to using them, could they play a more central role in brand engagement, data collection and customer interaction? We think so, here’s why!



There may still be a stigma around them being a little daggy, but at least everyone knows how to use them. The process is known to be relatively easy. It is this low barrier to entry, that marketers are considering them as another entry point to their lead funnels.

Auto-fill is another benefit to using mobile devices for lead capture. Obviously, this only works if it is a personal device but it helps to make filling out any forms relatively fast.


In the world we live in, germs have to be a consideration. Allowing people to use their own devices to scan QR codes removes the fear factor surrounding germs (even though we touch our phones approximately once every 12 minutes and we will find an average of 2-10 million bacteria on each beloved device). A bit backwards, but there ya go!

Here are our thoughts on touch screens in a post-Covid world.



The secret sauce, as with any form of marketing, is making it customer-centric. You must give people a reason to want to engage with your brand. The benefit needs to outweigh the known fact that you are going to capture their personal information. The customer has to see it as a fair trade off.

Stepping away from revealing menu’s and discount codes… What is going to make their life easier? Be a little fun? Help them?

  • A paint supplier could offer a PDF lead magnet sharing prep and application tips
  • A brand of running shoe could share tips on foot health and shoe maintenance
  • Dog food could offer feeding charts and training tips
  • A liquor store could offer tasting notes from experts

Each of the above examples helps educate customers and helps foster a relationship with your brand that has the potential to build brand loyalty. It just has to be done in a meaningful way for uptake. All of the above examples are great ways people would enter your lead funnel.



Growing your customer list and making sales is the ultimate goal for most of us. Higher customer numbers generally means more bandwidth is needed in a business to support the influx. In an age where face-to-face sales are dropping, we are relying heavily on online campaigns to nurture customers. Finding another avenue that people can easily enter themselves into your CRM is pure gold. QR codes is just another way for people to do just that.

Opportunities really are endless – Email automations can be set up to nurture customers into future sales, alert the sales team when engagement reaches a certain score or upsell. Data is gold and with it you have options.



The beauty of sharing data using QR codes is that you are asking for some basic customer information before sharing your goodies. Handing out a brochure just can’t compete. You can’t track who has engaged with your content or any analytics on their behaviour A.K.A how they engage with your content. All of which are valuable for future marketing efforts.



Given the lack of hardware needed, the cost to set up a QR Code campaign is relatively low. The cool part is that you might find you can repurpose a lot of marketing material you already have. The QR code itself is no biggie, the majority of your budget will be in creating automations.

As you test and measure, the beauty with QR codes is that the customer interaction is online making any updates or tweaks easy to undertake too.

In current times, we can no longer go about our lives without interacting with QR Codes so there is a general acceptance to using them. Harnessing this for your marketing efforts could be a smart addition to your marketing mix. If you would like to find out more about QR codes, feel free to reach out for a quick chat.



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