Thanks to the Covid crisis you can visit any public space and it’s a safe bet you’ll see people in face masks. You certainly won’t see a soul shaking hands or offering air kisses so it’s understandable that people may think it’s a tad risky investing in touch technology at this time. 

People are very conscious of passing on this contagion through touch and interaction. If given the choice of interacting with a human in a mask with a questionable health status or a self-serve touch screen kiosk with a hand-sanitising station directly next to it, the masses gravitate towards the touch screen option. 

Life is going to take on a new normal as we continue to shy away from this invisible enemy. We believe touch technology is here to stay and may actually increase! The rules of the game are going to change though – Here are our thoughts on what you can expect for the future of touch screens.


Why touch screens are the preferred choice


  • They are universally accepted and people are already familiar with how they work
  • Intuitive to use
  • Touch screens allow for more personalised experiences with content rather than viewing a standard presentation in a one-size-fits-all order 
  • Facilitate fast transactions, people can access information quickly
  • Reduced dwell time 
  • Safer than human-to-human contact
  • Becoming increasingly affordable
  • Integrate with existing systems for better sales conversions


How the rules around their use are going to change


  • Touch presentations will include reminder messages about cleanliness encouraging users to disinfect their hands after use
  • Touch screens and hand-sanitising stations are going to be the best of friends. Like a Big Mac and fries, peanut butter and jello, bangers and mash… you get our drift 🙂
  • Display cleaning schedules that are clearly visible


How to make sure you send the right message with your future touch screens 


Sentiment has been poor, but it’s changing. If you’re going to instill confidence the best way do to so is to show you are considerate and taking responsibility as a business in a post-Covid world. People are chomping at the bit to get back into their normal lives but you have to show that you’re sensitive to what is going on and win back trust.

Make sure any cleanliness and hygiene messages are up-to-date. It’s poor form if they are outdated and will look like a muppet. 

Do what you say you will. This is a pretty good motto for life in general, but if you’re going to advertise your touch screen cleaning schedules, you ought to adhere to them or your customer is going to lose confidence in your brand. 

Make sure your hand sanitising station is right next to your touch screen (and make sure there’s actually some in the dispenser for people to use). The more visible it is, the better. Think of it as the business equivalent of wearing a mask – It shows you give a damn. 

There are other alternatives to touch screens to consider if you want to steer clear of touch altogether. If you would like help personalising your content for improved interactions in a post-Covid world, call today to learn more.

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