Touch Screen Solutions / Displays for Museums

Digital Signage

Digital signage for sports venues is a highly efficient way to improve the way you broadcast information and sales as well as increasing the level of customer service you provide. It can help upsell food, promote upcoming events and provide general customer service information.

Photo Booth

A digital photo booth provides a fun opportunity for fan participartion. Plus it encourages dwell time on the stadium grounds, exposing them to other concessions and providing other revenue streams for the venue.


Gamification can be used to offer coupons and other incentives for returning on future dates. Users are drawn in by the excitement and fun aspect plus the sense of reward. This also draws interest from people walking by. The gamification aspect makes it fun for the user, increases the sense of reward, and captures the attention of other passers-by.

Directory/ Wayfinding

Digital signage is key in making sure that fans know where they are going and where all the amenities are within a sporting venue. Interactive directories and wayfinding kiosks can be used both for general admission and for private-access floors. And since VIPs are changing all the time, digitizing the map ensures content is always relevant and personalized.

Menu Board

Displaying food choices on a digital menu board allows for branding to be changed between different events as well as allowing items to be quickly updated with the latest availability and pricing. Digital menu boards also allow for adverts to run alongside and have upsell/cross-sell abilities.

Plus you have the ability to bring live TV through some boards so that fans never miss a moment even when they are queueing for food. Plus when the game is over screens can easily be repurposed into information screens thanking fans for coming and to drive home safe.

Kiosks / Player or Team Statistics

Current digital technologies allow you to better connect with fans and one of the best ways to do this is through digitial kiosks or signage. Fans love information and the digital signage displaying the team or individual players stats add to the fans experience of a team at a venue and keeps them engaged. Staff can easily update to ensure real-time relevance.

Room Access

A great way to secure private or VIP rooms is by restricting access to those with badges. This cuts down the need for security staff, and allows you to easily restrict access of certain areas at badge level.

Video Wall

Video walls help improve the fans experience from arrival to departure. Not only can they show live action on the field everywhere in the building in real time providing an immersive experience for fans but they can also be used for marketing purposes to grab fans attention and promote other events. Video walls are also great solutions for security and control rooms, to ensure situational awareness and to facilitate rapid decision making.

BOQ Specialist

This company were exhibiting at a trade show and wanted to present offers in an engaging way.


This company were sponsoring a conference and wanted help in creating an impression at the event.


Offering such a wide range of products, it was impossible for this client to display all of them on a conventional exhibit.


This client was looking for a solution that could assist visitors on a trade show stand if staff were busy


This presentation was designed as an alternative to a Powerpoint presentation to be used in meetings with C level Pharma executives.

Camden Library

This touch screen was designed as a central kiosk to showcase the variety of services on offer in the community.

Harvey Norman Business & Education

This kiosk was created for teachers at an education exhibition. Designed to make them aware of the full range of services offered by the business.


This touch screen was designed as a product presentation with a hierarchy of products allowing visitors to quickly navigate to what they were interested in.


For this client we created a touch solution that complimented their sales discussions.


This touch screen presentation was designed for “e-brochure” distribution, allowing visitors to send themselves brochures they were interested in.


Hologic Australia

Elina Vihinen, Marketing & Events Manager

“The touch solution flowed nicely, we were a cut above the others, it gave us an edge and enabled us to look professional.”


Viafet Genomic Centre

Mohamed Hallani, Business Manager

“We loved having a touch screen on our stand. It gave visitors something to look at if the team were busy and we found it helpful to go into greater detail on our product.”



Jocelyn DaSilva, Group Marketing Manager

“This was a risk for us, it was about taking a step into the future. This was a way we could bring all aspects of our membership to life. This type of interactive solution helped us leverage all the assets we had available.”

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