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Digital Signage

Digital signage has allowed banks to adapt to a younger audience who is more familiar with digital environments. It allows banks to renovate their brands and branches by rethinking how they can best serve their customer base. Digital signage not only allows for more effective communication with both employees and customers but also adds to the customer experience.

Table Top

Tabletop or integrated small format digital displays are ideal for delivering impactful messages and service announcements in restricted spaces. Content can be updated frequently and easily, making these screen versatile tools in a variety of environments.Within banks they can be used for advertising displays, interactive touch screen displays which can reduce waiting times and improve the customer experience.

Product Catalogue

Creating a digital product catalogue has a multitude of advantages:

  • All product information easy to access for both staff and customers
  • Detail the financial features of each product to easily find services that accurately match client requirements. Each product can have any number of parameters, such as interest rates, terms, repayment schedules, and many more.
  • Simply and better manage product documents by specifying a set of required documents for each product in order to automate and simplify the paperwork.
  • All increases the customer experience and helps staff to upsell/cross-sell products.Plus customers can discover and apply to products through their online banking accounts streamlining the sales process.
  • Quickly updated when product changes happen
  • Marketing team can easily add videos/ animations which can add value and make products stand out.

Kids Zone

Kids’s Zones within banks are areas where children can interact with toys and technology. The child is entertained but in a visible safe position whilst the adult does the tasks they need to in the bank. This adds value to the customer experience, elevates the brand experience for customers and increases customer returns.

Outdoor Signage (in the window, touch and interactive)

Using Digital Signage window displays allows banks to capitalise on passing foot traffic to advertise services. With the ability to show vibrant images and videos Digital Signage is much more eye catching than traditional signage methods.

These displays can be made interactive by allowing customers to browse product information, find out opening times or scan QR into their phones which allows them to access marketing information displayed further.

Queue management

A bank queue management system helps manage the customer journey from arrival to leaving the branch. It can help streamline the customer flow and service process, creates an actionable database and supports the bank’s business goals.

By having a digital kiosk where customers can sign in, you can send an SMS to customer alerting them when it is their turn. Not only does this reduce queue times, improve customer satisfaction (queuing at the bank is known to be a great irritant to customers) but also allows you to collect data on what customers are coming in to branch to do therefore improving customer service and empowering employees to know how to best serve customers.

Putting digital and interactive signage in the queue also helps interaction with customers and distracts them from just thinking about the line (people often overestimate how long they have been waiting if there is no interaction).

Financial Simulation

Financial simulations are gamified training simulations designed to upskill employees. Benefits include:

  • Training is made personal and targeted by configuring according to job role, organisational structure and regulatory regime.
  • Practise in a real world environment
  • Helps identify and nurture the right talent by seeing through detailed reports employees progress.
  • Able to be done in a virtual environment so cuts down on staffing and allows for a continual learning mindset.

BOQ Specialist

This company were exhibiting at a trade show and wanted to present offers in an engaging way.


This company were sponsoring a conference and wanted help in creating an impression at the event.


Offering such a wide range of products, it was impossible for this client to display all of them on a conventional exhibit.


This client was looking for a solution that could assist visitors on a trade show stand if staff were busy


This presentation was designed as an alternative to a Powerpoint presentation to be used in meetings with C level Pharma executives.

Camden Library

This touch screen was designed as a central kiosk to showcase the variety of services on offer in the community.

Harvey Norman Business & Education

This kiosk was created for teachers at an education exhibition. Designed to make them aware of the full range of services offered by the business.


This touch screen was designed as a product presentation with a hierarchy of products allowing visitors to quickly navigate to what they were interested in.


For this client we created a touch solution that complimented their sales discussions.


This touch screen presentation was designed for “e-brochure” distribution, allowing visitors to send themselves brochures they were interested in.


Hologic Australia

Elina Vihinen, Marketing & Events Manager

“The touch solution flowed nicely, we were a cut above the others, it gave us an edge and enabled us to look professional.”


Viafet Genomic Centre

Mohamed Hallani, Business Manager

“We loved having a touch screen on our stand. It gave visitors something to look at if the team were busy and we found it helpful to go into greater detail on our product.”



Jocelyn DaSilva, Group Marketing Manager

“This was a risk for us, it was about taking a step into the future. This was a way we could bring all aspects of our membership to life. This type of interactive solution helped us leverage all the assets we had available.”

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